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FVTA Regional Meeting with CE

June 3rd, 2015 Wednesday

6:00 PM in Fort Myers

at Heritage Institute
Nutritional Management of
Complicated Cases

Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition

Behavior Seminars by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Many Florida dates & locations

CVT cost is $100.00 and approved for 6 RACE/AAVSB Continued Education Credits


Online CE Opportunity

Morris Animal Foundation and the National Association of Veterinary 

Technicians in America (NAVTA) Present:

“Veterinary Technician's Guide:  Understanding the Golden Retriever 

Lifetime Study”

Click here for link

Presented by:

Kelly Diehl, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM (SAIM)
Study Specialist, Morris Animal Foundation



ATVSE (Association of Veterinary Technician Specialists in Education) 

An organizing committee is working on a proposal to create a 

veterinary technician specialty in education; input is needed from 

credentialed veterinary technicians as well as all stakeholders 

within the veterinary medical community!  

CTVT Project

Debbie Koenig, from the University of Cambridge, reached out the
FVTA to let us know about an ongoing Canine Transmissible
Venereal Tumor study.  The project is examining the genetic 
diversity, evolution, and worldwide distribution of transmissible 
cancers in dogs.  They can use your help!  More info...


Monthly Member meetings are held online at the

VSPN meeting room on the last Thursday of the month  

Email reminders are sent to all active members



is a 4 yr old guinea pig that joined our family when the person who originally owned him discovered her child was horribly allergic. He let's my son carry him all over and even likes to take weekend trips with us. Dragon loves attention and doesn't like to share his pettings with the dog. If we stop petting him, to pet the dog, he will reach over and nip at the dog until we go back to petting him. Don't worry, the dog figured it out and nudges his way between our hand and Dragon.

Dragon does get curious which resulted in his getting stuck in the log. He waswalking around, with the log around his middle, but could not see where he
was going. My first thought was of Pooh and being stuck in Rabbit's house. Idec ided I couldn't wait for him to lose weight so I freed him. He has never crawled through that opening again.
Submitted by: Sharyn Garrigan-Niskala

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