FVTA Advisory Board Duties

The Florida Veterinary Technician Association (FVTA) is complemented by the expertise of an Advisory Board. The number of advisors is determined and will be governed by the Executive Board.  The number of advisors may be increased from time to time, by the By-Laws, but shall never be less than five (5).  The Advisory Board will consist of current veterinary technology students, recent veterinary technician graduates, and seasoned accredited veterinary technicians. 

The Advisory Board shall assist in the management of the association.

The Advisory Board will meet, with the Executive Board, in formal settings twice a year to complete the following tasks:

   1. To prioritize association’s efforts

   2. To concentrate on prime areas and opportunities

   3. Focus on Vision and Mission statements in order to keep association on track

   4. Visualize goals


All committee business is to be conducted as directed in the FVTA Policy and Procedure Manual.

It is understood that holding an office on the Board is a privilege and with this privilege comes the requirement to be of honorable character and reputation. If a member who has accepted an office finds that they are unable to perform it, they should submit their resignation, normally in writing, to the President. No one shall be allowed to remain in position if their actions or conduct becomes injurious to the organization or its purposes.

If you are interested in becoming an active advisory board member, committee member or be considered for a Board of Directors position, please contact us at president@thefvta.net .

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