Volunteer Opportunities

Community Projects
An integral part of growing your career and skills as a veterinary technician is volunteering.  From time to time, FVTA receives requests for volunteers for special projects, non-profits, events and rescues. We will post this information on our website and actively connect our members with local or state opportunities as these become available.

FVTA Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers to help with special project and to get ready for leadership positions with the organization.  By volunteering with FVTA, you will expand your professional network and prepare for new roles in your career. 

Local Organizations
You love animals, so what can you do to help? Everyone will benefit by the giving of your time and energy.  Each of us needs to take part to help the animals and the environment and give back to our community.

Remember – train, train, train, practice, practice, practice – become knowledgeable in the area in which you wish to assist with.  It takes time and experience to get proficient.

There is so much more than just rescuing and de-oiling birds and animals – leave that to the professionals that do that every day.  There are MANY other opportunities to help and will be just as important (sometimes even more important) in saving the lives of the impacted animals.


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